Bash scripts bundle.
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bpck (Bash-pack) is is a bundle of small Bash scripts for utilitary purposes.

Many scripts are wrappers of some software? see dependecies below.


http Python 3 http.server runner.
upload Upload files to remote server via server alias.
parts Store and view code snippets.
yad Download file from Yandex.Disk storage.
md2 Convert Markdown to HTML, ROFF and PDF. Pandoc wrapper.
codes Print ANSI sequences (16, 256 colors and formatting).
boiler Bash boilerplate.
dots Dotfiles manager. Save and push selected files to git repo.
view Print highlighted text to STDOUT. highlight wrapper.
log Logs viewing tool (nginx and exim4). Prints logs to STDOUT.
prntl Print formatted log. Simple logging tool.
esc Escape whitespaces and specail characters in string.
rng Expand ranges like "1-4,7,9-12" into a number series.


Install dependencies:

# Ubuntu / Debian
sudo apt install curl gawk git
sudo apt install pandoc # for md2
sudo apt install highlight # for view

# Arch Linux
sudo pacman -S curl gawk git
sudo pacman -S pandoc # for md2
sudo pacman -S highlight # for view

Install all scripts (any distro):

dir=$HOME/.local/bin; bashfile=$HOME/.bashrc
[[ "$XDG_SESSION_TYPE" == "tty" ]] && bashfile=$HOME/.bash_profile
mkdir -p $dir
git clone $dir
chmod +x $dir/*
[[ ! $PATH =~ "$dir" ]] && { echo "export PATH=$dir:\$PATH" >> $bashfile; }
. $bashfile

P.S.: You can remove unwanted scripts directly from ~/.local/bin